Navigator Pre-Development Loan

Finance eligible pre-development work with a low-interest, no-monthly-payment Navigator Loan.

Design and Plan Improvements to Build and Preserve Multifamily Housing, Nonprofit-Owned, and Municipal Buildings with Navigator Loans

Navigator Loans provide an affordable, flexible, low-interest solution for financing your pre-development work.

Progressive interest rate structure  |  Flexible terms  |  Up to 24 months  |  Flexible underwriting

Design and Improve Higher Performing Buildings

Whether you’re building new construction or own an existing building that’s inefficient or has health and safety issues, you can use a Navigator Pre-Development Loan to design and improve  higher performing buildings.

  • New construction & existing buildings 
  • Market-rate & affordable multifamily properties with at least 5 units   
  • Co-ops, condominiums, & rental properties, including mixed-use properties  
  • Nonprofit-owned and municipal buildings, including community centers and houses of worship

Use Navigator financing to assess, design, and plan your project.

For projects being designed to achieve high-performance building standards like Passive House, 80% of all pre-development costs are eligible, including permitting, legal, and environmental fees. For other projects, 80% of pre-development costs related to clean energy, health and safety, and resiliency improvements are eligible.

Common uses of Navigator Pre-Development Loans:

Available for all buildings:

Assessing the technical and financial viability of the proposed project, such as determining the most suitable energy efficiency, health and safety, and resiliency upgrades. This includes energy benchmarking, opportunity assessments, and audits. Navigator also funds green/integrated physical needs assessments, as well as green charrettes.

Assessing health and safety measures that must be addressed to implement energy and resiliency measures and resiliency assessments.

Hiring professionals to plan, design, and create bidding specifications for the energy, health and safety, and resiliency aspects of proposed project, including architects, engineers, and energy consultants.

Developing a financial plan, including, preparing budgets, estimating project costs and potential returns on investment, and securing project financing.

Available for high performing buildings:

Navigating the permitting process, including preparing and submitting necessary applications and ensuring the project complies with local, state, and federal regulations.

Conducting studies to evaluate the potential environmental impacts of the project, as well as identifying any required mitigation measures or permitting requirements.

Obtain Flexible Financing to Support Your Early-Stage Project Development

2% closing fee  |  Up to 24 months  |  No monthly payments  |  Balloon payment when due 

*All terms, including rates, are subject to change. Products and services may not be available in all areas. All Loans are subject to credit approval and additional requirements will apply. This is not an offer to enter into a loan agreement. If approved, your terms may vary based upon your specific situation. Rates, fees, and other terms subject to change without notice.

Navigator Pre-Development Loan FAQs

What types of expenses does the Navigator Pre-Development Loan cover?

For projects targeting high performance building standards like passive house, all pre-development costs are eligible, including legal, environmental and permit fees. If you want to understand what implementation approaches to take, Navigator finances the predevelopment activities needed to assess, design, and scope energy and resiliency upgrades, including the following items:

  • Energy benchmarking, opportunity assessments, and audits
  • Green/integrated physical needs assessments
  • Green charrettes
  • Assessments of energy-related health and safety and resiliency issues
  • Design, engineering, and bidding work
  • Costs to secure project financing for the improvements
  • Other reasonable expenses needed to get your energy project designed and funded

Who can use the Navigator Pre-Development Loan?

Affordable and market-rate multifamily properties with five or more units that are improving energy performance and resiliency can apply for Navigator Loans. Co-ops, condominiums, and rental properties are all eligible. Buildings owned by nonprofits and municipalities are also eligible, including community centers and houses of worship. Loans can be for new construction or existing buildings.

What are the size limits of the Navigator Pre-Development Loan?*

The Navigator Pre-Development Loan has a maximum loan amount of $2,000,000 and a minimum of $50,000. IPC may consider higher or lower loan amounts; contact IPC at for details.

What are the rates and terms of the Navigator Pre-Development Loan?*

The interest rate for Navigator will vary based on property affordability and green building targets. Contact IPC for more details. The Navigator Loan carries a 2% closing fee, which may be included in the loan amount. The standard term is 24 months, with repayment of all principal and interest due at the end of that period or upon project funding, whichever is sooner.

What factors may be considered by IPC in determining the Navigator Loan rate?

Preferred rates are available for:

  1. Projects that seek Green Building Certifications (such as Energy Star, LEED, or Passive House) or other similar standards that promote sustainable, healthy, and resilient buildings.
  2. Affordable multifamily properties that serve low and moderate-income residents, including naturally occurring affordable housing (NOAH).
  3. Projects that utilize additional IPC loan programs (such as Catalyst or Solar PPA) to finance construction or implementation costs, or both.

How do I apply for the Navigator Pre-Development Loan?

The Navigator application is a simple, two-step process:

  1. To get started, submit contact information along with basic financial information and project details online.
  2. If IPC staff determines the project is eligible based on review of the intake materials, you will be invited to submit a full program application.

How are contractors and vendors vetted?

Your pre-development project team must include at least one independent qualified energy consultant or design professional. This professional should either have a nationally recognized license or certification such as LEED-BD+C, CPHC, RESNET Rater, or be a professional architect or engineer with at least three years of demonstrated relevant experience. If you have questions about contractors and vendors, please contact a Navigator Loan officer.

How much of my project’s pre-development costs can Navigator fund?

The Navigator Loan can fund up to 80% of eligible predevelopment costs.

What are the repayment terms of the Navigator Pre-Development Loan? *

The standard term is 24 months, with repayment of all principal and interest due at the end of that period or upon project funding, whichever is sooner. IPC approves interest rate reduction incentives once green building and affordability targets are verified.

If I want to move forward with the recommendations of Navigator-funded pre-development work, does IPC offer project financing?

Yes. IPC’s Catalyst Loan finances energy and resiliency improvements in multifamily, nonprofit, and municipal buildings. Catalyst Loans provide construction and term financing to decarbonize buildings, improve health, safety, and economics, and comply with local building energy-efficiency requirements. The Catalyst Term Loan is underwritten based on projected operating cost savings from the installation of the proposed improvements and the project’s overall financial strength.

Who do I contact with questions on the Navigator Pre-Development Loan?

If you have any questions about the application process or terms of the Navigator Pre-Development Loan, please contact IPC at

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Achieve safe, resilient, and green new construction or plan improvements to an existing building with a Navigator Pre-Development Loan.

Reach out to learn more about the Navigator Pre-Development Loan and we will notify you when it becomes available again.


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