Together, We're Powering a Brighter, More Inclusive Tomorrow.

Join us in delivering clean energy for all through innovative financing solutions for underserved communities and markets.

Hello & Welcome to Inclusive Prosperity Capital

At Inclusive Prosperity Capital (IPC), we believe everyone should have access to the benefits of clean energy and resilience. We solve gaps in the market and democratize access for communities historically excluded from the clean energy transition by aligning investment capital and financing programs with organizations, projects, and initiatives that benefit traditionally underserved markets.

Our Mission

We provide a gateway to inclusive prosperity by engaging with communities impacted most by climate change. We invest in clean energy and resilience in partnership with local initiatives and organizations to provide energy security, climate justice, and economic growth.

Our Vision

We believe everyone should have access to the benefits of clean energy and resilience. Together, we can create change in underinvested neighborhoods and underserved markets to achieve inclusive prosperity.



We urgently need all people included in the clean energy and resilience movement. We bring resources to those left behind with a specific focus on equity, equality, and justice.


Our team is accountable to one another and the communities we serve. We lead with trust, honesty, grace, and self-discipline.


Together, we can combat the negative impacts of climate change in our most vulnerable communities. We can make our world greener, healthier, and more sustainable when we work collaboratively and creatively.


We take on the hard problems in climate change work. We believe it is possible to transform past exclusionary financing practices and scale investments in the communities that need it most.


We prize partnerships and collaboration where we work with mission-aligned groups for a shared purpose. Together, we are building a growing network committed to climate justice.

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Our Board

We are led by an innovative Board of Directors who serve as trusted advisors in community development, green banking, clean energy finance, and public housing. Our Board includes representatives from the Kresge Foundation, Connecticut Green Bank, and Natural Resource Defense Council.

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Our Investment Committee

The Investment Committee develops and guides our investment strategy and blended finance approach to capital. It is composed of financial experts from the Kresge Foundation, Connecticut Green Bank, and IPC.

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Our Funding Partners

As a specialty financing intermediary, we have sought funding from like-minded public and private sources and deployed their capital through our innovative clean energy programs for underserved markets, matching capital supply with project demand. Our funding partners include the NY Green Bank and the McKnight, MacArthur, Kresge, and Sierra Club Foundations.

Justice, equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging (JEDI-B) Statement

Diversity and equity movements revolve around addressing an imbalance of access to opportunity for everyone – regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, gender identity, disability, etc. Systemic racism, with its roots in slavery and other historical events that oppress certain groups, has not been eradicated and impacts all modern societies. 

Currently, most staff members are white and from similar academic backgrounds. This reduces the diversity of personal experience, creative ideas, and skill sets. It impacts our ability to reach and connect with our target communities. While our Board of Directors includes a more diverse group of individuals, we are committed to diversifying our staff. In addition, we encourage a flat organizational structure. This allows more junior staff members to lead projects and have a strong voice in our direction. 

We work in the financial services industry, which has historically been one of the largest perpetrators of systemic racism through redlining and predatory practices in lending, investments, and insurance. These practices have created an even greater divide in the geographic segregation seen all over the United States today. 

Our mission, vision, and values reflect our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and justice.

OUR JEDI-B Commitments

We will implement changes to the recruiting process for open job positions and commit to evolve the organizational culture to ensure Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) and diverse staff are not tokenized, are truly valued, and are important members of the team.
  • We will post open job positions across a diverse group of universities and colleges, trade associations, and via like-minded organizations to help reach a more racially diverse set of candidates.
  • We will use internship programs as an opportunity to develop a robust pipeline from more diverse finance and environment programs and schools.
To create an environment where all staff feel truly valued, we will create an inclusive culture that ensures all IPC employees feel a common sense of belonging within the organization.
  • We will implement initiatives to gauge employees’ company engagement across different areas of the organization.
  • To ensure feedback and opinions are heard and accepted, we commit to having hard conversations with one another in safe spaces, including but not limited to team offsite meetings, monthly staff meetings, weekly team check-ins and one-on-ones.
We will be intentional with our official partnerships. We will highlight what is possible but also learn from these key leaders and organizations around the country to inform and evolve our work.
We will call out approaches and behaviors in our industry that are not in service to the markets we serve, such as programs that have too much complexity and are too costly to be effective. We will use our voice to call attention to systemic barriers that need to be fixed.
We will elevate the voices of other organizations, led by BIPOC and the communities we serve, already doing this work or similar work. Recognizing that we are not solving these systemic issues on our own, as individuals do not have these experiences.
Using our voice and platform to tell the stories of what is possible for end customers focused on the true impact.
  • We will do so by talking to our customers and telling their stories. Highlighting not only what challenges they face and what issues need to be solved but also what the impact of our work means for them and their communities.
  • We will implement impact reporting that captures our investment impacts on BIPOC communities and companies (e.g., diverse counterparties and diverse contractors that work on our investments), building on overall mission alignment.
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